While security issues are a concern for any business, grocery stores and convenience stores (C-stores) have a number of unique security threats to address. These threats include, but are certainly not limited to: fraud, theft and assaults. Fortunately, there are a number of practices grocery store and C-store owners can adopt that will help mitigate these perils and protect against financial hardship.

Increasing In-store Security

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, more than $13 billion of goods are stolen from retailers each year. That’s more than $35 million per day. And it isn’t always customers who engage in this type of behavior. Employees account for 42.7 percent of inventory shrinkage in retail. Surveillance cameras help to prevent employees from taking advantage of their positions and pocketing money or other goods.

Surveillance footage is also a powerful fraud deterrent. If someone were to claim they fell and were injured in your store, video footage of the event provides an unbiased, visual record that will help to support or refute their claim that you are at fault.

To be most effective, camers should be installed throughout your store. At the very least, make sure cameras are located in high-traffic areas and parking lots as well as the meat and produce departments.

While you do not need to monitor video feeds constantly, keep in mind that most cameras only record a week’s worth of footage. Make sure you copy recordings to a separate storage device and properly label them so that footage can be viewed at a later date if needed.

Alarm systems, particularly panic alarms for robbery attempts, are important for increasing your store’s security and can help reduce assaults on employees and customers. Make sure the fact you have these security systems is clearly advertised in the store to help deter attempts. Ensure you have cameras with a clear view of the parking lot as well.

Even the most detailed security and safety practices will fail if the policy isn’t enforced. Ensure employees are properly trained in and understand the expectations of your in-store security and safety precautions by reviewing them storewide on an ongoing basis.

Society’s team of loss control experts, association partners and agents can help grocery and C-store owners ensure they have the proper practices and policies in place – right down to the smallest details – to minimize security hazards. With extensive experience in insuring grocery and convenience stores, Society can provide policyholders with a custom plan that fits their needs. Get in touch with a Society agent today by visiting to learn more about how to best protect your business.