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Protect Your Bottom Line With Prompt Claims Reporting


The timing of when you choose to report an incident to your insurance carrier has a direct effect on the bottom line. This case study demonstrates how prompt claims reporting was key to recouping this property loss quickly and efficiently.


In the early morning hours on Monday, October 17, 2015, Society Insurance received notice by facsimile of a water loss that occurred over the weekend at an apartment complex protected by Society Insurance. The loss occurred on Saturday, October 15, 2015 and the policyholder took initiative by having someone handle water extraction and dry-out in order to mitigate damages. The policyholder also obtained digital photos of the scene. It was determined that the origin of the loss was a 17-year-old water softener in the basement. 

Society Insurance Solution

Upon notice of the loss, Society Insurance immediately assigned the claim to an experienced claims representative who met with the policyholder only hours later. By the time Society received notice of the claim, the water softener had already been replaced. It is generally at this point when a claims representative finds out that the damaged item has been hauled away and disposed of. However, on this particular claim the policyholder retained and preserved the water softener which allowed the opportunity to conduct a full investigation and seek out potentially responsible parties for possible recovery.

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