Insurance Case Study: Protect Your Bottom Line With Prompt Claims Reporting


The timing of when you choose to report an incident to your insurance carrier has a direct effect on the bottom line. This case study demonstrates how prompt claims reporting was key to recouping this property loss quickly and efficiently.


In the early morning hours on Monday, October 17, 2015, Society Insurance received notice by facsimile of a water loss that occurred over the weekend at an apartment complex protected by Society Insurance. The loss occurred on Saturday, October 15, 2015 and the policyholder took initiative by having someone handle water extraction and dry-out in order to mitigate damages. The policyholder also obtained digital photos of the scene. It was determined that the origin of the loss was a 17-year-old water softener in the basement. 

Society Insurance Solution

Upon notice of the loss, Society Insurance immediately assigned the claim to an experienced claims representative who met with the policyholder only hours later. By the time Society received notice of the claim, the water softener had already been replaced. It is generally at this point when a claims representative finds out that the damaged item has been hauled away and disposed of. However, on this particular claim the policyholder retained and preserved the water softener which allowed the opportunity to conduct a full investigation and seek out potentially responsible parties for possible recovery.

Society’s claims representative scheduled an artifact exam to inspect and identify the failure of the water softener. The installer, manufacturer, and distributor of the unit were put on notice of the exam. After examination, the expert determined the cause to be a fracture in the top of the water softener due to structural weakness in the fiberglass resin tank. The user’s manual was reviewed; it did not include anything relating to the age expectancy of the tanks. The statute relating to products liability did not prevent Society from asserting a liability claim against the manufacturer of the unit. Overall, Society Insurance was able to reach an agreeable resolution with the manufacturer.

The end result allowed Society Insurance to reimburse the policyholder the entirety of their $10,000 deductible. The policyholder’s involvement was instrumental to the success of this loss due to quick thinking to retain necessary evidence and effectively assist with documentation of the scene from the onset of the claim and beyond. Prompt reporting and a mutually supportive relationship between Society Insurance and the policyholder were key to this successful claims resolution.


No one wants to file an insurance claim, but if a loss does occur, prompt reporting is crucial to recouping your losses quickly and efficiently.

• Prompt reporting provides an opportunity for claims professionals to offer suggestions that may help reduce your loss.

• Prompt reporting of a claim allows your claims professional to immediately begin investigating the claim. Investigations started in a timely manner are much more successful in collecting important evidence and obtaining information from key witnesses.

• Early investigation assists your claims professional in seeking reimbursement of your deductible when others are at fault. In cases where subrogation possibilities exist, prompt reporting provides ample opportunity to examine evidence before it is destroyed.

• Prompt notice can help reduce anxiety after an event and serve as a source of information.

Society works with all its policyholders to investigate the details of claims in the pursuit of the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Society’s team of claims experts makes a big difference through extensive experience and top-notch service. To find out how Society can help your business, visit to find an agent and request a free quote.