In 2015, our experts shared insights on a variety of insurance trends, safety tips, and topics important to Society Insurance policyholders, agents and employees.

The most popular topics of 2015 included…

  1. A Slippery Situation: Cleaning Restaurant Kitchen Floors
  2. Tips to Manage Stress at Work
  3. Why is Insurance Important?
  4. Interviews: What Not to Wear
  5. Slip and Fall Claims from a Liability Perspective
  6. 4 Tools to Help you be a Better Insurance Agent
  7. 7 Common Food Safety Errors
  8. Aftermath of an Auto Accident: Repair vs. Total Loss
  9. 6 Tips to Reduce Workstation Aches and Pains
  10. 5 Considerations for Effective Wet Floor Signs

And, of course, there were seasonal favorites…

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