When making an important purchase like buying insurance, you should consider all your options. Local independent insurance agents are the ones you can count on to provide the best combination of service, price, and protection with tailored coverage options and risk insight. Whether it’s setting you up with the best coverage for your business or answering your policy questions, your insurance agent is committed to customer satisfaction. And as local community members, they’re close at hand the minute an issue arises.

Here’s why I choose to work with a local independent agent for my insurance needs:

Relationship factors

  • My agent is geographically close. It feels good knowing someone is available just down the road to help if there’s ever a need. Face-to-face contact is so important, especially with the possibility of significant or devastating issues that can arise unexpectedly.
  • My agent lives and works in my community, understands what affects me and has a vested interest in contributing to make our community better.
  • My agent knows my family and is interested in what’s important to us — hobbies, schools, careers and pastimes.

Financial factors

  • My agent has access to many carriers to provide tailored insurance options based on my unique insurance needs and price sensitivity.
  • My independent agent chooses the best product for me from dozens of carriers.
  • My agent handles my questions with ease and has the experience of negotiating and working with underwriters, claims representatives and risk control professionals.
  • My agent is an advisor to me on many issues, including valuations on home, auto, recreational vehicles, coverage needs and coverage don’t-needs.

Society’s commitment to the independent agent model means a local agent is always just down the road to help. Meet one today!

-Tom Ermers