What is an Insurance Loss Run?

Loss run reports. What are they and how do I get one? Below we dive into common questions surrounding insurance loss run reports and the role they play when shopping for business insurance.

An insurance loss run is a document that records the history of claims made against a business insurance policy, much akin to an incident report. The report is a document you can provide to prospective insurers when shopping for new business insurance coverage. Loss runs allow underwriters to determine how risky your business will be to insure.

What Does an Insurance Loss Run Include?

A loss run report will include:

  • The insured’s name
  • Dates of all reported claims
  • Your policy number
  • Amount paid
  • Description of the event
  • The dates you notified the insurer of each loss (or incident)
  • A description of the reason for the claim
  • How much the insurer paid to settle (or close) the claim
  • If the claim is still unresolved (or open), how much the insurer has set aside in reserves

What Do Insurers Pay Special Attention to When Assessing Risk?

  • Type of claims you’ve filed previously
  • Financial impact and settlement costs of your claims
  • The frequency of prior claims
  • Location of the claims (to determine exposure footprint)

Your risk level will help determine your premium rate or if you are declined for business insurance altogether.

Any type of business, regardless of size, can request a loss run report for just about any type of commercial insurance. Business insurance providers can provide loss run reports for various types of coverages including but not limited to:

How to Obtain a Loss Run Report

You can get a loss run report by contacting your business insurance agent. Be sure to specify how many years of claims history you need and how soon you will need the information. In many states, business insurance companies are required by law to send you the loss run information in ten days or less.

The Importance of Insurance Loss Run Reports

When you are shopping for business insurance, you undoubtedly want the best premium out there. One way to do that is by having evidence of a clean claims history and a loss run report will help you prove that—saving you money long-term.

We Care About What’s Best for Your Business

Your business is your livelihood, and we do all we can to help you protect it. Our business insurance program is tailored to your unique needs. Contact your local Society Insurance agent to discuss your insurance coverage options.

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