What Is a Declarations Page and Why Do I Need One? | Society

Declaration pages are one of the most vital parts of any insurance policy. Also called a dec page or policy declarations page, you will receive a declaration page once your policy is issued. 

Here we will review what a declaration page is, why it matters, and other things you may need to know.

What Is a Declaration Page?

A declaration page is a document that summarizes the types of insurance policies you hold, what coverages are included within those policies, as well as details such as your deductible, discounts and more.

It may also include other information such as:

  • How a claim will be paid
  • Who is insured under each policy
  • Premiums

Why Is a Declaration Page Important?

Declaration pages are important in a number of situations. If you are trying to switch insurance carriers, for instance, the new company may ask for proof of your existing insurance, for which a declaration page would be valid. Even if you’re just shopping around for new insurance, having your declaration page on hand will help you compare coverages and prices more easily.

There are also instances in which a dec page is required. When taking out certain loans, such as a property or auto loan, it’s common for lenders to want to see your dec page to ensure that you are, indeed, insured with the proper coverage.

How Do I Find My Declaration Page?

Dec pages are provided once insurance has been issued. However, if you lost your copy, you can request a new one from your insurance carrier.
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