Business Auto Insurance

Your vehicles drive your business, and Society has the safety tools to keep them going no matter the obstacle. Whether your fleet is for retail delivery, local service, repair or something else, we customize your business auto coverage around how your operation runs for a smooth ride.

Plus, Society’s auto extension endorsement provides several enhanced coverage protections.

Consider these examples where Society’s auto extension endorsement would provide protection:

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Your insured automobile sustains hail damage during a storm and you take it to the repair shop. This leaves you without a vehicle to drive, so you rent a car. The auto extension endorsement would provide coverage for a rental vehicle of up to $50 per day for up to 30 days while your auto is being repaired.

Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage

Your insured automobile is not in service after a covered cause of loss, so you rent a replacement auto. The rental vehicle is involved in a collision and is non-drivable. The auto extension endorsement would provide up to $50,000, or the Actual Cash Value, or the cost of repairs on the damaged rental vehicle, whichever is less.

Auto Loan/Lease Gap Coverage

Your insured automobile is involved in an accident with a deer and is a total loss. You determine that you owe more on the loan/lease of your auto than the actual cash value of that auto. The auto extension endorsement would provide coverage to pay off the remaining loan/lease balance above and beyond the actual cash value of the auto.

To learn more about this important coverage and other small details that make a big difference, contact your local Society Insurance agent or visit us at


As a mutual insurance company, we operate and exist for the benefit of our policyholders. For more than 100 years, Society has been helping businesses overcome the unexpected with comprehensive coverage packages and outstanding claims handling, underwriting and risk management.

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