Business insurance is an exciting, ever-evolving industry offering a wealth of career paths and growth opportunities. Whatever your skill set, chances are there’s a position that will allow you to take full advantage of your abilities. Insatiably curious? Consider claims handling. Have an eye for spotting talent and building relationships? Human resources may be right for you.

Of course, differences between business insurance carriers mean many types of positions exist that vary from company to company. Here, we’ve chosen to highlight a few of the most common areas in business insurance. See which positions line up with your talents and learn the details about possible career paths.

Claims: Possessing a natural curiosity and a knack for problem solving, claims reps are a reputable voice for claimants and policyholders. Their investigations dig up the details behind each reported incident and guide smart solutions. Strong negotiation skills are a huge plus, as claims reps are regularly called on to tackle tough problems.

Finance: Individuals who excel in understanding financial concepts and calculations make ideal accountant candidates. Strong organizational skills and an eye for the details also add to a jobseeker’s value. Major responsibilities, like asset tracking, form the position’s core. Their financial reporting provides the truest measure of an insurance agency’s fiscal health and directs company strategy.

Human Resources: Approachability, active listening, discretion and sharp decision-making strengths are a must in human resources. HR professionals must understand and identify the skills and personalities that fit best with the company. Equal time is spent on nurturing current employees, overseeing salary, benefits, health initiatives and employee development.

Information Systems: Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the insurance business and has driven the rapid expansion of IS departments. To fill these newly created roles, insurance companies search for talented individuals who display strong analytical capabilities counterbalanced by a flair for creativity and innovation.

Marketing and Sales: Sales and marketing team members use their strong interpersonal and presentation skills to nurture successful relationships with agents, policyholders and trade association partners. Regional sales managers serve as on-the-ground representatives, giving agents a complete understanding of insurance products and overseeing agent relationships.

Commercial Underwriting: Underwriters’ analyzing, decision-making and relationship skills allow agencies to pinpoint and build mutually beneficial business relationships. Underwriting jobs span a wide spectrum of complexity and experience, from veteran underwriting managers who supervise teams to talented up-and-comers who provide small business underwriting.

Underwriting Technical Services: Working in specialized teams, technical services are a critical component of the underwriting process. Risk control teams act as liaisons to the policyholder, taking steps to reduce risk and increase worker safety. They offer highly personalized service, designed to focus in on the safety details that matter most. Other teams provide valuable behind-the-scenes work, handling premium audits, rating and billing.

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