Our risk management team is committed to identifying dangers that could result in financial loss or injury – and providing thoughtful solutions to keep your workplace safe and profitable. In 2017, Society’s risk control experts conducted webinars to share their insight and safety resources.

Watch these videos on-demand to learn more about eliminating hazards at your business.

Here are the most-watched webinars of 2017:

  1. Incident Investigation & Claims Reporting
  2. Preventing Fire Hazards for Meat Smoking Operations
  3. Active Shooter Preparedness
  4. Disaster Recovery: Developing a Business Continuity Plan
  5. Reducing Outdoor Slips and Falls

Small Business Owner Watching a Webinar on Laptop

Our YouTube channel also includes free training sessions to educate management and staff. The most-watched training videos in 2017 included…

  1. Restaurant Linen Fires
  2. Floor Mats
  3. Spill Clean-Up

Registration is now open for these 2018 webinars:

When it comes to risk management, prevention is key. Visit societyinsurance.com to learn more about risk management resources for your business.