Welcome 2018! Who has made a New Year’s Resolution? I know I have – and some are harder to keep than others.

Popular resolutions tend to focus on getting in shape, losing weight and eating healthier. While a promise to yourself to follow through on your resolution is important, use these tips to kick-start the new year with a plan to stay active during the chilly winter months:

If you are looking to get your sweat on at home:

  • Group outdoors staying active in winterTry a Fitness DVD – With the wide variety of DVDs available, there’s sure to be something for your fitness level and liking.
  • Give Yoga a Shot – Yoga is not only a fantastic stress reliever, but it also helps in gaining flexibility and improving blood flow.
  • Quick and Easy Isn’t Always Bad – Kettle bells and weights are easy to store, plus they come in handy when you don’t have time to make it to the gym.
  • Don’t Forget the All-Natural Winter Activities – Shoveling, trudging through snow, and ice skating are all activities mother nature provides naturally that will keep your heart pumping and body warm.

Seeking out ways to stay active at your desk?

  • Get Up and Stretch – Not only will this increase flexibility, but it also increases blood circulation and improves energy levels.
  • Do an Extra Lap – Whether a lap around the office after lunch or a walk to the kitchen for an extra coffee, the extra steps never hurt.
  • Take a Minute-Long Plank Break – Planking is an easy exercise that works your core and gets your blood pumping.
  • Take the Stairs – While the elevator is convenient, climbing up and down the stairs is a quick and easy way to get a few extra steps.

Other helpful tips:

  • Fitness classes at local gyms and health clubs help with accountability. If you have a friend that can attend with you, that’s even extra accountability!
  • Wearable fitness trackers help gauge your current activity levels

At Society Insurance, we provide tools to keep our employees active year-round. From on-site yoga and a company-paid health club membership to physical activity and nutrition challenges, wellness matters to us.

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