Tips for Reporting Insurance Claims

The easiest way to control your claim cost is with prompt reporting. Studies show that claims cost more when reporting is delayed. The sooner a claim is reported, the sooner it can begin to be managed and brought to resolution.

Key types of claims that should be reported as soon as possible:

  1. Those in which your customer is injured; especially if transported from the scene by ambulance
  2. Those that are investigated by any governmental agency, such as the police department, ­­­fire department, etc.
  3. Any injury in which the customer will be seeking medical treatment for their injury
  4. Any injury involving loss of consciousness, open wounds or obvious fractures/deformity

Common misconceptions about reporting claims to your insurance carrier:

  1. Just because you report a claim, it doesn’t mean you are admitting liability. Adjusters do liability investigations in every situation.
  2. Claims can also be handled as report only. This includes investigations by the adjuster to lock down key information, but the claimant is not contacted unless they reach out to you first.
  3. Reporting a claim doesn’t automatically increase your premium. Frequency and severity of losses plays a big factor in these decisions.

It’s no secret that  prompt claims reporting is important. The speed and skill Society Insurance brings to the claims process saves you both time and money. Within 24 business hours of submitting your claim, one of our dedicated claims specialists will be in contact to conduct a careful and thorough investigation. Whether it’s sending a claims professional to investigate an accident, locating the nearest repair shop or using one of our many cost containment programs, Society helps take care of the details so you can get back to business.

Click here for more information about the importance of prompt claims reporting and Society’s claims service phone numbers.

Not sure what to do when an accident occurs? Learn more about Property Casualty Claims and Workers Compensation Claims.

-Gina Pfalzgraf


Gina is the property, auto and liability claims manager for the states of Wisconsin and Tennessee. She has been employed with Society Insurance since 2006.

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