The saying, “It’s about quality, not quantity,” is something we have all heard hundreds of times, but do we practice it in our daily lives? No, I’m not referring to the project you are doing at your job or the clothes you buy, I am talking about the time you’re spending at home and at work. It’s not all about how much time you spend at home and at work, but how you spend that time.

There are two main points I would like to bring to your attention when it comes to your time. That is to be present, and to be present consistently. No matter where you are.

Be Present

Being present means that we should only be doing one thing at one time. When is the last time you truly did that? We are always thinking about the past and the future – but then we end up passing through that very moment we are in and we miss out on so much. Try your best, no matter where you are, to stay right there. Take a breath, and focus on what is right in front of you in that moment. It’s important to let go of things that don’t belong in the moment.

Be Present Consistently

Now it’s one thing to be able to be present, but can you be present consistently? That is the true challenge, and I am challenging you to try! It won’t be easy, maybe even impossible, but you might be surprised how often you aren’t giving what is in front of you your full attention. Breaking the habit of thinking about the past and the future is a daunting task, but is well worth breaking!

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