Supporting Local Communities During Uncertain Times

When the needs of others are the greatest, our efforts are the strongest. At Society Insurance, this statement defines our core value of ‘Customer Focus’ and helps guide our actions every day. We continue to partner with our independent agents, restaurant customers, and other agencies to make a difference in the communities we serve during these challenging times. Below we highlight some recent efforts.

1. Carmel Fire Department

We teamed up with Shepherd Insurance to donate lunch from our customer Charleston’s Restaurant to the Carmel Fire Department in Indiana. Special thanks to independent agent Jim Burke for the delivery assist. Thank you to first responders who are working around the clock to keep our communities safe.

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

2. Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

We worked with our friends at Hausmann-Johnson Insurance and Food Fight Restaurant Group to provide custom cookies to Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin from Food Fight’s Market Street Diner & Bakery. Market Street Diner & Bakery is a classic diner specializing in breakfast, hearty American fare, pies and cakes in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Thank you to healthcare workers.

3. SwedishAmerican Hospital

Thank you to our friends at CoyleKiley Insurance and Taco Betty’s in Rockford, Illinois  for teaming up with us to donate meals to the staff at SwedishAmerican Hospital. It’s an honor to support our local healthcare workers who have rapidly adapted to the changing healthcare environment with commitment and compassion.

SwedishAmerican Hospital

4. Lake Vista Senior Apartments & the Montessori School of Englewood

We recently teamed up with our friends at The Horton Group to donate meals from our mutual insured The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group in Chicago. The meals went to 300 residents and staff on-site at Lake Vista Senior Apartments and 75 students and families at The Montessori School of Englewood. In addition to helping feed others, the meals allowed for restaurant staff to be rehired and work additional hours to prepare, package and deliver food.

Lake Vista Senior Apartments & the Montessori School of Englewood

5. Agnesian HealthCare’s ICU & Fond du Lac County Acute Psychiatric Unit

The Society team at corporate headquarters provided lunch to Agnesian HealthCare’s ICU and the Fond du Lac County Acute Psychiatric Unit as our way to thank and support local healthcare workers. The lunch was purchased through Downtown Deli, Market, Cafe, a local customer.

Agnesian HealthCare's ICU & Fond du Lac County Acute Psychiatric Unit

6. Fond du Lac Public Library

One of our difference-making Society employees put her talents to good use to sew masks for the Fond du Lac Public Library.

When asked why she decided to volunteer her time, talent and materials, Stephanie said: “I like sewing, and I wanted to support the library since a lot of mask makers are already donating to healthcare facilities.”

Society sewing masking for Fond du Lac Public Library.

7. Chicago Fire Departments: Engine 70, 71, 83 & 102

Corkill Insurance brought us an opportunity to sponsor 50 meals for Chicago Fire Departments: Engine 70, Engine 71, Engine 83, and Engine 102 from Commonwealth Tavern. A special thanks to all of the local restaurants working hard every day to provide great food to keep our heroes well-fed and full of energy!

Chicago Fire Departments: Engine 70, 71, 83, & 102

8. Galesburg Police Department

Thank you to Jimmy’s Pizza and Terry from Miller Dredge Ins./Envision Ins. Group for partnering with our Society team to provide more heroes with a meal!

And as Terry said, thank you to the Galesburg, Illinois Police Department for helping to keep the community safe!

Galesburg Police Department

Resources for Society Policyholders

Society Insurance will continue to support and assist small businesses we insure with the tools that are available to us. For more information on payment flexibility, delivery flexibility, reduced general liability premiums, and workers compensation payroll deductions, please visit our COVID-19 webpage or contact your local Society agent.

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