Finding the right person to fill a position is just as important as having a process to properly onboard them. Whether your company is large or small, getting your new hires off on the right foot is important and can make a huge impact in the long run. 

Onboarding Tips

  1. Be Prepared for the First Day

    Preparation is an important step for almost everything. This is no exception. Have a clean space ready for new employees and the materials they will need in stock. A new hire guide for the position might also be helpful. Include information they may need frequently, like login information, a company map and more. Paperwork is inevitable and boring, but having that ready to go will be a tremendous help on the first day.

  2. Have a Plan for Successful Onboarding

    It’s important to make new employees a priority; no one wants to feel like they have been left in the dark or without much direction. You may have a busy schedule yourself, but it is important to take some time to make them feel welcome. If necessary, delegate tasks.

    Delegating may include naming another employee as your new hire’s “buddy.” This person will serve as a mentor to your new hire and answer their questions as they come up. This creates structure and gives your new hire a point person they’re comfortable with.

  3. Make Your Onboarding Process Unique

    Onboarding is a great time to demonstrate your company culture and strengths. Creating this unique process often leads to company traditions and makes the process fun and interactive. Showcase what really makes your organization and your employees special.

  4. Ask for Feedback from New Hires

    Continue to check in with new hires to see how they are getting acclimated. Knowing where they stand and understanding the progressions they’ve made is very important and shouldn’t be glossed over. A meaningful follow-up gives new employees validation that they are valued by the company.

No matter what onboarding process you implement, make sure to follow through with it. All new hires deserve the opportunity to feel welcomed and to be set up for success in their role with your company.

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