Staying Healthy and Happy During the Holiday Season

While the holidays are a time to indulge in some sweet treats while surrounded by loved ones, it’s common for many people to gain unwanted weight throughout that time. So, how can you enjoy these salivating treats, while staying healthy during the holidays? The key is moderation. You do not have to say no to these temptations, but do indulge conservatively. Instead of waiting for the buffet lunch or dinner, keep eating normal, balanced meals throughout the day.

Here are some other tricks to staying healthy during the holidays: 

  • Bring a Dish: Many holiday parties provide a great amount of unhealthy, sweet treats. Opt to bring a healthy option instead so it’s available to not only the other guests, but also provides you with a healthy alternative.
  • Gum Chewing: Your eyes can be bigger than your stomach! Try chewing on a piece of gum about fifteen minutes before arriving at the table for your meal. Chewing gum can trick your brain into thinking you have been eating, resulting in you eating less food.
  • Limit Drinks: Although you may be celebrating at a holiday party, limit yourself to around two drinks. Alcoholic beverages are high in calories.
  • Small Plates: Most people will fill their plate — no matter how big the plate is! Grab a small plate instead of the larger one. Wait around ten minutes after eating, then decide if you really need more food. Staying healthy during the holidays can be easy if you monitor your food portions. If you’re really feeling motivated consider a cleanse to reset your body and eating habits.

When the temperatures are falling — the chances of you catching a cold are rising!

Here are some helpful wellness tips to get you through those chilly nights:

  • Dress Warm: Protect your skin from the extreme weather you might be exposed to. Make sure to wear gloves, hats, scarves, boots, etc.
  • Hot Showers: By showering before bed, the steam from the heat will allow your sinuses to drain and get rid of that uncomfortable, stuffy feeling.
  • Sleep Schedules: Stay consistent on when you go to bed and wake up. Drinking coffee, soda, or energy drinks before attempting to fall asleep will have the reverse effect and end up stimulating your mind. In addition, stay away from using bright screens on your phone or television before going to bed.
  • Treat Yourself/De-Stress: Give yourself the gift of relaxation this holiday season. Do not feel guilty for finally relaxing and having time to relieve some stress. After working so hard throughout the year, it is what both you and your health deserve. Read “The Complete Guide to Managing Stress at Work.”
  • Vaccinations: Consider getting a flu shot. This is offered as a free service for employees at Society during on-site health risk assessments.

Society Insurance Benefits for Employees’ Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Staying healthy during the holidays is important! At Society, we want to see our employees happy, healthy, and enjoying the holidays. This includes the following benefits to ensure health and wellness during this busy season:

  • Company-paid holidays, including two days during the Thanksgiving holiday as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to spend time with loved ones
  • Company-paid health club membership to Club Olympia, located two blocks from our home office, and other health club reimbursement options
  • Health coaching by phone or in person
  • Wellness reimbursement program and nutrition-based programs
  • Annual health risk assessments
  • Telecommuting options and flexible scheduling to balance your work and personal life

At Society, our people make the biggest difference. Learn more about working here.


We strive to ensure each new hire will make a contribution to help keep Society moving forward. Beyond the necessary skills required for the job, we look to hire those with additional attributes to create a cohesive environment within our company. Join us and maximize your potential here at Society Insurance by applying at

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