Stay Warm While Working in the Cold

Working in freezing environments adds an extra layer of danger to any task. Feeling begins to dull, objects are prone to breakage, and ice causes slippery conditions and an unforgiving surface if one should fall. On top of these potential traumas, workers are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, each with serious or long-lasting consequences.

Protecting Employees from Extreme Cold

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can occur inside, such as in freezers and coolers or from low-temperature liquids and gases, as well as outside. Whether you own a contracting business, restaurant, grocery store or bar where these conditions exist, protecting your workers from overexposure is of tremendous importance.

7 Safety Tips to Keep Warm While Working in the Cold

  1. Wear layers of loose, dry clothing.
  2. Ensure hands, feet, faces and heads are always covered.
  3. Move constantly to maintain warmth.
  4. Take regular breaks in heated areas.
  5. Work during the warmest part of the day when outdoors.
  6. Recognize signs and symptoms of cold-related illnesses as well as what should be done to treat them.
  7. Be wary of fatigue, as energy is needed to keep muscles warm. Encourage workers to eat high-calorie food and consume warm drinks to stay fueled.

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