Internships are often a college student’s first experience within the professional business world. They offer an opportunity for students to gain valuable on-the-job experience and advance the skills they’re learning in college. Individuals often seek internships related to their desired career or profession to get their foot in the door at a company, or to gain practical knowledge they will be able to apply to future job opportunities. Not every company’s intern program is the same; each intern program is dependent on the type of company, their values, and mission.

At Society, there are a variety of internship positions offered throughout the company, including:

  • At Society, interns should feel welcomed and can expect to be a contributor to their department's success.Accounting
  • Actuarial
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Premium Audit
  • Premium Receivables
  • Property, Auto, and Liability Claims
  • Underwriting
  • Workers Compensation

Interns work for a limited and fixed period of time, often during the summer, but internships may extend throughout the whole year. The duration is dependent on the student’s schedule, college location, and department needs. All intern positions at Society are paid opportunities which is a great incentive; some companies do not compensate their interns.

At Society, interns are not “just interns.” Interns should feel welcomed and comfortable. They can expect to be a contributor to their department’s success and to develop professionally. Employees, managers, and executives are all committed to helping interns succeed.

Here are what some of our current interns have to say about their experiences at Society:

  • “Society Insurance provided me a great experience working in a professional environment. The work culture was welcoming, stress-free, and full of learning opportunities.”
    – Tom Loftus, Actuary Intern
  • “My internship at Society has never felt like work. Everyone, including those in other departments, wants to see you succeed. The company culture makes all the difference.”
    – Taylor Schneider, Human Resources Intern
  • “Society provides their interns with countless learning opportunities including shadowing, insurance advancement classes, and other valuable experiences. I have learned so much and became well-rounded in all insurance departments because of Society’s great internship program.”
    – Chloe Steinbach, PAL Claims Intern
  • “Society has been extremely welcoming and educational. The other employees in my department go above and beyond to make sure I understand and am comfortable with the job.”
    – Mason DeHaan, Premium Receivables Intern
  • “My internship at Society allows me to get hands-on experience and expand my knowledge in various aspects of the company. By helping us develop a better understanding of each aspect or department, Society’s internship program provides a great opportunity for interns to gain knowledge on how the company operates as a whole.”
    – Joe Beigel, Underwriting Intern

Watch this video to hear more from past interns:

In addition to regular job responsibilities, interns at Society also participate in numerous activities, presentations, and classes to grow their knowledge about the company and the insurance world. During the duration of their internship, interns attend 10 presentations revolving around Society’s departments, two events to team-build and get to know one another, and schedule at least one job shadow. In addition to those events, interns are invited to Society’s company picnic, along with the end-of-summer intern event where Society celebrates their hard work and commitment.

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