Why wait until Employee Appreciation Day or other scheduled days throughout the year to make those around us feel valued and appreciated? Individuals should be recognized for their exceptional work and be rewarded with gratitude whenever possible; it should never have to wait for a specific day or time. Even a small amount of appreciation can go a long way, especially for employees.

Showing employee appreciation throughout a company will boost morale and increase employee efficiency. When employees feel that their work is valued, they will want to keep performing at a higher level, keep producing quality work, and will become more enthusiastic about their role. A lack of appreciation can lead to unhappy employees – which then leads into unwanted costs of hiring, training, lost productivity, and a tense work environment between the employee and their peers.

Why is showing employee appreciation so important? According to www.forbes.com,

  • 66% of employees say they would likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated.
  • 76% of millennials would leave their company if they were unappreciated.

Showing employee appreciation makes all the difference between the retention and departure of an employee from the company.

How to Show Employee Appreciation

Whether you are a CEO, director, manager, or colleague, there are numerous ways to show appreciation to those around you, with most requiring little effort. Here are some ideas to show your employee appreciation:

  • Call Them Out: Call out notable acts to ensure they do not go unnoticed. How can you go about this? Post an employees’ efforts on social media, through an email, within a company newsletter, on a billboard, website, or even hand out an award.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate employee birthdays. Leave a card or small gift on the individual’s desk or treat them by going out to lunch with the department.
  • Events: Have the company sponsor an event where everyone can come together, socialize, and be rewarded for their hard work throughout the past months/year. This could be a company picnic, or some sort of bonding event, like a baseball game.
  • Fun: Put together random acts of fun. Snowy weather? Go tubing or snowshoeing together as a team. Nice summer evening? Sponsor a team for a local run or walk.
  • Praise: When an employee does something well, praise them for it. This praise can go beyond the basic, “You did a good job.” Specify the action that you admired – “You did a good job on your most recent project. Keep up the good work!”
  • Respect: Show respect in everything you say. Although not all feedback will be positive, convey it with respect. Employees will always remember when you disrespected them.
  • Sticky Notes: Post a sticky note on an employee desk stating they’re doing a great job. This is a simple act, but can be very effective.
  • Say Thanks: Simply say, “thank you.” People will take note when you do not.
  • Treats: Surprise employees with a special treat: donuts, cupcakes, a food day, etc.

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Showing appreciation in even the smallest ways can make the biggest difference. How do you show appreciation? What actions do you like to receive to know that you’re appreciated?