Some bars and restaurants are eager to ignite an exciting atmosphere by mixing liquor with fire. Whether it’s setting shots ablaze or pouring flaming liquor cascades, each method has one thing in common: severe risk.

While there are liquor liability concerns and challenges just with serving alcohol alone, flaming drinks introduce a greater degree of dangers:

  • Bartender making lighting a flaming drink on fireBurn injuries resulting from consuming a drink that is still on fire
  • Severe skin burns from holding hot glassware
  • Risk of flaming liquor splashing on a person
  • Cuts from fractured glassware
  • Patrons adding more alcohol to the flaming drink, causing the fire to spread
  • An unattended flaming drink cracking the glassware and spilling the fire onto combustible surfaces

However an accident occurs, a seriously injured customer or out-of-control fire can easily be the outcome. Tempting as it might be, this gimmick designed to bring in business may be the end of your business entirely.

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