Restaurant owners are an interesting lot. They drive onward through long hours, uncertain economic times and countless challenges trying to distinguish themselves from their competition to keep the customer coming to their table. Ever wonder why?

Is it huge financial gain? While owning a restaurant can provide a comfortable living with a lot of hard work and proper management, it certainly is not a “get rich quick and easy” proposition. The reward that comes with the business is the satisfaction of a happy customer who had an enjoyable dining experience at their establishment.

It takes a special passion for providing a quality dining experience — an experience that makes their customer want to come back again — to be amongst the best there is. Similarly, a successful insurance provider has a passion for developing mutual trust and loyalty with their policyholders. This is built on business protection and service at a level that meets or exceeds the expectations of the customer and is tailored to the restaurant industry. Society understands that restaurants are unique operations and has developed coverages with specific considerations in mind. Spoilage and Contamination Coverage, a special Franchise Endorsement, and Customer Expense Reimbursement are just a few examples.

But as anyone in the hospitality industry knows, that is just one piece of the pie. The other incredibly important component is service. Society’s expertise in risk management and claims handling solidifies a commitment to your business success.

Society’s dedication is further demonstrated by long-standing relationships with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association and the Iowa Restaurant Association.

In keeping pace with technology and social media, Society has developed a website that is informative and user-friendly for agent partners and policyholders alike. Online payment capabilities, case studies, whitepapers, blogs and risk control tools are valuable resources. The partnership with independent agents completes a team that works diligently to help build an insurance program tailored to the needs of restaurant owners.

Whether you’re preparing a dining experience or putting together a high quality insurance program, it takes a deep passion to stand out and be amongst the best. It’s the same reason that your restaurant business grows with exceptional food, service and atmosphere — and it’s what makes Society Insurance the crème de la crème of restaurant insurance.

-Mark Tlusty