Resources for Restaurants Without an In-House HR Manager

Generally, there are five different departments within restaurants – kitchen staff, managerial staff, floor staff, bartenders and delivery staff.  However, depending upon the format of the restaurant, the number of departments may vary, meaning that the structure of a human resources (HR) department for your restaurant will be as unique as your restaurant.  Factors include what type of restaurant you run, its size, the number of employees, etc. 

Here we’ve compiled some resources that will help you understand HR-related issues and how to handle them, especially if you do not have a formal HR department.

Common HR Issues That Restaurants Face

Every issue that a restaurant faces is unique, but they fall under certain categories.  Fully understanding these categories will assist you in increasing efficiency and profitability, and reducing labor costs.  View the links below for more details. 

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workers Compensation

Employment Screening

Employee Wellbeing

EPLI Coverage Provides an Extra Layer of Protection

You may strive to be fair and nondiscriminatory in your employment practices, but a simple misunderstanding could open you up to an employee-related claim or allegation such as sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse or wrongful termination. Society’s EPLI coverage provides defense against such claims, should they occur.

Benefits of Having an HR Manager 

Generally speaking, having a dedicated HR manager in your restaurant provides a number of benefits:

  • HR is an important part of any organization, especially restaurants.
  • Having a dedicated HR manager frees time for you and your managers to focus on other priorities.
  • HR managers will take care of hiring, training, managing wages, benefits, schedules, budget, etc. They also help to ensure the workplace is safe for all employees.
  • HR managers are dedicated to ensuring regulatory compliance so you don’t have to take the time to do so yourself. With so many rules and regulations that impact employees and employers, especially regarding hiring, payroll, etc., a qualified HR manager can take on these responsibilities.

Educate Your Restaurant on the Importance of HR with Society Insurance 

Society Insurance is here to help protect your restaurant or bar from liabilities. Incorporating an HR manager into your day-to-day business operations is attainable and provides much-needed expertise to protect your business. At Society Insurance, we know it’s not just your business; it’s your livelihood. 

Find more restaurant resources and best practices by visiting our Risk Management Library or contact your local Society agent to discuss insurance coverage for your restaurant. 


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