They say insurance is a relationship business. So how do you forge and maintain relationships with your customers and prospects?  Consider the answer…a question.

Long-term success is achieved by your ability to relate to others, manage conflict and solve problems.[1] Selling is not telling. So use questions to drive your relational success.

Questions foster two-way communication. When a prospect answers your questions, they feel important and it allows them to tell their story. Without even realizing it, they are beginning to relate to you. Their answers provide insight into their struggles and set the stage for you to deliver solutions. Because the solutions were developed through this process, there is no need to persuade the prospect to buy what you are selling — they simply recognize their need for your solution.

So “ask away” to achieve success.

Other tips to boost your business this year:

  • Become an expert in the industries you target.
  • Make it easy to do business with you. People avoid friction.
  • Offer solutions to your client’s other problems by recommending providers you know.
  • Have a digital presence through which you can share your expertise

Society has valuable materials ready to be shared with your customers in a quick click via email, LinkedIn or Facebook. This includes case studies and whitepapers, plus weekly blog updates delivered directly to you when you sign up for email alerts. What other resources are helpful for boosting business?

-Jim Kuerschner

[1] Van Moody, The People Factor.