The sky is dark as a storm system moves through your community. Overhead power lines have been damaged by strong winds, causing a blackout at your business. You are suddenly without power and unable to conduct business. How will this affect your business income?

Loss of Business Income After a Power Outage

Watch this video and learn about Society Insurance coverage in this power outage scenario:

Business Income Insurance Coverage and Distance Limitations

But what about distance limitations? Many carriers stipulate that a direct physical loss or accident must occur within 500 feet of the premises to be covered. Society Insurance does not have this distance limitation. Learn more in this video:

Bonus: Society’s coverage begins at minute one, unlike other insurance companies where coverage may not kick in until after a 72-hour waiting period.

Is your business properly protected? To learn more about his important coverage and other Small Details that make a Big Difference, talk to your local independent Society insurance agent.