We all know that relationships are key when it comes to business insurance. Price is always a factor, but when it comes right down to it, I know as a carrier that our policyholders ultimately trust their agents. In situations where the price is at least in the same ballpark, an agent can guide an insured to the carrier he or she believes is the best choice.

But what is the best choice? It’s not the same for every customer; if it was, you’d only have one carrier. So what factors should be considered? What should you look for when trying to match a customer with a carrier?

If you’re really interested in growing your renewal and referral business (and who isn’t?), it’s important to carefully consider the carrier you’re recommending to your customers based on the following criteria:

1. Approach: How does my customer approach the industry in which he or she works? Do I have a carrier that shares the same passion for an industry as the customer? Read more here.

2. Coverage details: Do the coverage offerings match the coverage needs? Read more here.

3. Cultivating a relationship: Deep down, do you trust this carrier to form a positive relationship with your customer? Read more here.

Policyholders are the ultimate reason we’re all in business. Without the policyholder, there literally is no business for any of us – and no reason to exist. Sharing the same beliefs with a carrier goes a long way in ensuring a solid and smooth relationship between the carrier, yourself, and your client. By taking a few extra minutes to consider the need to connect your customer to the right carrier, you can make the future a lot brighter for everyone involved.

(This is an excerpt from an article that was published on PropertyCasualty360.com. The complete article is available here.)

-Dina Schultz