On top of normal day-to-day operations, bar owners are responsible for the continued safety of customers and employees. Given the industry’s laundry list of risks, ranging from slips to security, this task can seem quite daunting. It’s not surprising then that some seemingly small—but just as important—measures can get overlooked at the expense of larger safety issues.

Make sure to address these small details that can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your bar on its feet.

  • Have employees use a plastic or stainless steel ice scoop to fill glasses with ice. (Using the glass itself can cause it to crack and shatter in the icebox.) For sanitary reasons, keep the ice scoop nearby in a clean, protected location and not in the ice box itself.
  • Trash bins can fill with empty broken bottles and leftover liquid, making them a danger to dump out. Use thick garbage bags or double bag trashcans to prevent leakage and glass from jutting through. Offer thick work gloves and advise employees not to carry bags against their chest.
  • Keep multiple clean rags and sanitizer spray bottles around the bar for quick and easy spill cleanup. Have replacement towels available nearby.
  • Close garnish trays when they’re not in use to prevent interested insects and cross-contamination. Avoid spreading germs by having bartenders remove and place garnishes using a toothpick or tongs.
  • Anticipate the crowd and clearly spell out worker responsibilities to prevent accidents when the bar gets buzzing.

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