Make Your Workspace Inspiring!

Once you have settled into a new workspace, it’s only natural to want to personalize it and make it your own. Use these starting points to create a personalized workspace that also doubles as one that will inspire you to be productive and successful.

  • Keep your computer at eye level. This should be a very comfortable height and will help avoid neck and shoulder pain.
  • Make sure to keep your workspace tidy and clean! This may involve getting rid of some junk you have accumulated. You’ve worked hard for your professional image; no need to let it slip here. Plus, who doesn’t like to work in an uncluttered and orderly space?
  • Decorate the walls. Whether it’s with art, bulletin boards, wallpaper or photos, get something up there for you to look at.
  • Find a fun way to stay organized. This could mean an oversized calendar, or fun sticky notes and a special pen. Find what keeps you motivated to stay organized and on top of your game.
  • Add some life and color to your space. There are many different kinds of plants that require very little attention but can really freshen up any area.

Now, don’t be afraid to branch out and get creative with this! You spend a lot of time in your workspace and you deserve to enjoy it. There are countless ways to set up an inspiring workspace with your own twist if you start with these basics.

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