While delegation comes naturally for some of us, others may struggle with it. Delegation is assigning responsibility to others and can consist of breaking up a large project into smaller tasks. If you manage a team or are a leader in your area, it is likely that you already delegate tasks. Some tasks may be large and some may be small, but delegating tasks of all sizes takes practice.

Delegating Tasks

Manager delegates project task at the office.Keep these things in mind before delegating to others:

Do I have a clear vision of the end goal?

By having a clear vision and identifying what you would like to achieve prior to starting a task or project, you are setting yourself up for success. It’s much better to go into a project with a goal than to start and not have much direction as to where you would like to end up.

Can I clearly communicate what I want the end results to be?

If you do choose to delegate a task, be sure to communicate your expectations clearly. Establishing clear expectations before starting a task provides a roadmap to success! It helps those on your team to know what you would like the end result to be – and prevents confusion during completion.

Can I provide feedback once the task is complete?

It’s vital to provide a ‘thank you’ to those who have contributed; they will be more likely to help you out again. Be sure to take a few moments to express your thanks and provide feedback, especially if it was a time-consuming project. Don’t forget to share any praise that you receive.

Delegating Time

While delegation is frequently thought of as distributing tasks to others, it’s also important to remember to delegate your time. Delegating time is important to ensure that you are not overwhelmed and can accomplish all (or at least most) of what you would like to. Make sure you also delegate some of your time to activities that you enjoy doing outside of work.

October is National Work & Family month. While spending 40+ hours at work each week, it is easy to just want to relax after getting home rather than going to an event with your family or friends. Career is important, but your family life is also important. Delegating your time between work life and home life is vital to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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