Caterers and banquet facilities understand the details involved with planning exciting events and large celebrations. Society Insurance understands the unique exposures these businesses face on premise, as well as the risk involved when business is conducted away from the main operating location.

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Society offers an endorsement that includes protection for these unique catering and banquet hall situations:

  • A caterer is participating in a local weekend festival. Setup occurs on Friday afternoon and the equipment will stay in place until the end of the event on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, a storm hits on Saturday and damages the cooking equipment. The Extended Off-Premises coverage in this endorsement provides protection of business personal property while in transit and at temporary locations you do not own or lease.
  • An insured caterer is coordinating details for an upcoming event and reserves Thursday night banquet space for $500 on their customer’s behalf. However, the facility space was actually needed for Friday night which means the weekend rate of $1000 applies. Unfortunately, the caterer did not include this extra cost in the original agreement with their customer and is responsible for the difference. The Services Errors & Omissions coverage in this endorsement provides protection for the insured’s negligence.
  • A banquet hall uses a refrigerated truck to transport food between their facility locations. While in transit, the truck cooler malfunctions and the meat and seafood products spoil. The Product Spoilage and Contamination coverage in this endorsement provides protection while in transit.

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