How Your Business Can Benefit from a Company Blog

Having a company blog is not a secret weapon anymore. According to Zoominfo regarding general user behavior, “33% of B2B companies use blogs.” Content is still king, and a blog that publishes timely, valuable and strategic content can support business growth long-term. Additionally, having a content strategy is one of our recommended tips for small business owners that can directly assist with driving traffic to your website. Below we delve into the four main benefits of having a company blog.

4 Benefits of Starting Your Own Company Blog

1. Establish Thought Leadership
Ideally, you’d want your business to be viewed as an expert in its respective industry. Addressing all possible industry questions and specific tangents will establish your credibility with your audience. It will also establish credibility in a literal sense. One (of many) ranking factors from Google and Bing alike involve backlinks. The more backlinks and higher quality backlinks (think links from reputable sites pointing back to yours), the more credible your site is viewed and the higher you can rank. These backlinks can also be seen as free advertising, bringing in referral traffic from other websites to yours.

2. Capture Informational Website Traffic
Your industry may have various channels and affiliated content opportunities. Fleshing out this content in the form of blog posts will help to capture top of funnel traffic—users searching for more informational answers to their industry-specific questions. This is an opportunity to reach an audience who has never heard of your business before.

3. Increase Leads, Sales & Engagement
According to Zoominfo, “47% of buyers viewed 3 -5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.” Post content where your audience hangs out. Embed opt-in freebies within your blog content. Opt-in freebies, or ‘lead generation’ pieces, are downloadable content collateral that you can give your audience in exchange for providing their email – pushing them further down the sales funnel

4. Diversify Content
By offering a blog, you are offering users an additional chance to get to know your company without being totally self-promotional. For example, if a person isn’t ready to commit to a purchase, they may be interested in learning more about your resources, thought leadership content, and community involvement through your blog. You’ve now further developed a deeper sales funnel.

When done right, blog posts can generate significant traffic over the course of months and will continue to push even more traffic to the website years after the post is first published. The time and effort you invest in a company blog upfront can result in thousands of visitors to your website and new sales in the future. A blog is an easy way to build trust with your audience, increase traffic to your website, and is a part of a long-term strategy to increase company growth.

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