Why do people quit their jobs? It can be any number of reasons, from non-motivational work to new opportunities elsewhere, to poor pay or lack of purposeful connection with the company culture. When a less than effective employee quits you might feel some relief, but when a truly valuable and well-liked employee turns in their resignation, it can really sting. The trick is to keep your employees happy and fulfilled at work to retain your top talent.

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  1. Make Employees Feel Like They Have Value

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and walked away feeling better about yourself? Why do you think you feel better? Was it because that person was listening and engaged in the conversation? Listening to your employees’ ideas, concerns, or personal stories shows that you value them. When you are engaged in active listening with an employee, practice these interpersonal communication skills to help them feel valued.

    Practice active listening by:

    – Give them the floor
    – Be silent
    – Nod
    – When appropriate, say “tell me more”
    – Ask if they want your input or advice
    – Thank them for sharing
  2. Provide Opportunities To Grow and Learn

    Encourage your employees to participate in things like trainings, workshops, networking events, and career coaching to further develop their career. The opportunity to learn new skills should always be encouraged. Allowing employees to grow in the company is a tactic for improving employee retention.
  3. Reward Good Work

    Listen for feedback regarding what employees want from you. This might be a financial bonus after a project’s completion, or a simple compliment and “thanks for helping” with smaller tasks. Positive reinforcement can prove quite successful in retaining top talent. And remember, rewards are not one size fits all.
  4. Create An Engaging Culture That Makes Employees Feel Welcome

    Foster a positive company culture by incorporating these three tasks into the workplace:

    Provide consistent communication. Employees spend most of their day at work and want to keep a pulse on what is happening within the company. Keep them in the loop.
    Allow work-life balance. Flexible schedules and the ability to work from home creates comfort for employees knowing they can adjust their schedule to fit personal events. Read “Tips to Improve Work Life Balance for Your Employees.
    Make work fun. Hold employee events—whether it’s a luncheon, a donut day, or sports apparel day, provide the opportunity for employees to have fun and interact with each other.

With unemployment at its lowest all-time rate, retaining employees is critical now more than ever. Turnover is a burden on employees, requiring those who stay with the company to pick up the extra work. In addition, employee turnover can be costly financially and reputationally. When a company is known for having a high turnover rate, it can give the perception that the company does not value their employees.

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