Customers expect to pull into a gas station, fill their tank quickly and leave without a second thought about the fuel they just pumped into their vehicle. Gas station and convenience store owners expect the same. But if that fuel is contaminated it can cause serious engine damage, affect a gas station’s reputation and cost the business owner thousands of dollars.

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Surface Water Contamination of Fuel Tanks

In this scenario, a convenience store manager learns that surface water has contaminated one of his fuel tanks, significantly affecting his busy weekend business. The contamination occurred due to an overflow of surface water, including melting snow and ice in the parking lot. An investigation also finds that the delivery truck driver did not properly close the filler cap allowing water to seep in and contaminate the fuel.

Society Insurance offers a special endorsement that will provide coverage for losses sustained in this situation. Other insurers rarely offer coverage for surface water, which can be a major issue when heavy rain or melting snow pools around tank openings and seeps past an untightened lid.

Gas station and convenience store owners can feel secure knowing that they can obtain coverage from Society to protect their business from these likely causes of fuel tank contamination.

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