It’s Saturday evening and you’re sorting through work emails. Just ten minutes turns into just a half hour…or longer. What you’re really supposed to be doing is enjoying time with your family, spending the night with your friends, or just relaxing at home – but you still haven’t unplugged.

Many people find themselves in this situation. With smart phones, laptops, and especially home offices, it is so simple to just log on and work whenever you feel like it. While this is great at times, there are also times when you need to step away.

Set boundaries.

work life balanceWhen you’re out of the office, really be out of the office. You need to be sure to set boundaries and detach; don’t worry, the work will be there when you return to the office. Although it can be hard, try your best to fight the temptation to log on quickly or to just check on one item when you are at home in the evening, on the weekend, or on vacation. This is your time to recharge. Relax outside. Take a walk. Explore a hobby. Find a passion.

Still feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Try this tip: Take five minutes at the end of each day to make a list of the most important items to work on the next day. This can help prevent panic at home when you think of an item that still needs to be completed. It can also help you lay out a strategy for the next morning, instead of spending the first five or ten minutes deciding where to begin.

Work life balance is important. At Society Insurance, we know there is more to life than work. To learn about career opportunities, click here.