LinkedIn is a great networking tool but if your page is not professional and up-to-date it can make a bad impression.

Here are some tips that will help you keep more connected with a professional page:

  • Make sure to include a photo and make it a professional one. Not having a photo can raise questions in people who are looking to connect with you.
  • Create a strong headline. Your profile headline will appear in search results next to your name. Use a headline that appeals to a recruiter and makes them want to check out your profile.
  • Provide contact information. You do not need to give out your personal phone number or mailing address but an email address or alternate email address gives anyone looking at your page another way to contact you.
  • List multiple companies and schools. One way you are found is through searches of company or school names. Only listing your current company can cause you not to be found.
  • Skill and expertise should be filled with keywords. Make sure to include skills you’ve gained through your businesses. These skills will then show up in your Endorsements section.
  • Speaking of Endorsements, make sure you get people that you have already connected with to endorse your skills. This builds credibility and sets you apart.
  • Customize your profile URL. When you edit your profile you can change your URL. Try to make it simple and use your name if possible.

LinkedIn is important to network, connect and get found by businesses in today’s world. Remember to keep your page professional and updated to better brand yourself for recruiters and future connections.

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