While security is important for any business, convenience stores (c-stores) are a frequent target for would-be criminals—particularly shoplifters—due to their late hours, high cash volume and heavy foot traffic. The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention found that more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen every year. That’s more than $35 million per day.

And it’s not just shoplifters who are causing product to go missing. Three out of four employees admit to having stolen from their employer at least once, accounting for 42.7 percent of retail shrinkage.

By considering these small security details, you can make a big difference in scaring off potential thieves and protecting your business.

Install surveillance cameras: Surveillance footage is a powerful theft deterrent. For maximum effectiveness, install cameras throughout your store and in high-traffic areas. 

Display security signage: Highlight your c-store’s security and alarm system to make shoplifters think twice before targeting your business. 

Establish greater sightlines: Thieves are less likely to strike if they’re visible to employees. Keep your shelves moderately stacked or consider purchasing lower shelving units to reduce blind spots. 

For additional details on security measures to have in place to protect your business, read our case study on improving grocery store and c-store security.

Our risk control team will work with you to ensure your convenience store has the proper practice and policies in place for all situations, including crime. For greater crime defense, Society’s [convenience store] policy includes a special endorsement covering counterfeit currency, computer fraud and employee dishonesty at no extra cost. Learn more about the difference Society can make for your business by contacting your local independent agent.