Can we all agree that there is actually something comforting about looking out the window on a cold winter’s day and seeing a nice new blanket of snow on the ground?  Particularly if that snow is no longer on the sidewalks, parking lots, or road ways?

If you are a business owner and you share this sentiment, you have probably long ago thought through what is required for your business to attend to the needs of clearing your adjacent sidewalks and parking lots. You have done this to provide safe access to your building for your customers and employees.

If your solution to this matter has included hiring a snow removal contractor, you’ve probably executed some sort of agreement for this service. This agreement likely has included the level of service they will provide and how much it will cost. But, did the agreement also include language that makes it clear who will be responsible for an accident on the sidewalk or in the parking lot while the snow is being removed or after it has been removed?

Truck with snowplow clearing snow in business parking lotIf you are spending the money to have another party take on this responsibility at your business, you certainly wouldn’t want to have to be held solely accountable for their inability to properly clear your sidewalks or parking lots. While you might not be able to remove yourself from all accountability, with the right agreement in place, you can certainly reduce your exposure.

Click here for an example of what an agreement could look like that is reasonable for both you and the snow removal contractor.

When you have a minute and before the snow starts to really fly this winter, why not take some time to attend to this matter so that when the weather turns frightful, you can be delightful knowing you are doing all you can to keep your customers and your employees safe! Your Society agent is willing and able to discuss this matter with you when the time is right.

-Terry Gill