Even if your business has been fortunate enough to avoid a loss, it may happen that disaster strikes near your business. Although this event doesn’t directly affect your ability to conduct business, action by a civil authority – like the police or fire department – may still prohibit access, resulting in a loss of business income and extra expense. Civil authority coverage comes into play in these situations, providing protection when there is damage to property other than your insured premises due to a covered cause of loss.

Don’t let someone else’s problem become yours. Learn what civil authority coverage can do for you and your business in this video:

Civil Authority Claims Scenarios

Consider these examples where civil authority coverage would provide for loss business income:

  • There is a fire two buildings down from your restaurant on Saturday afternoon. The fire department and police block off the entire area, not allowing anyone access to your restaurant during the busy Saturday night dinner rush.
  • The business next door is vandalized with rocks and tear gas is fired through the windows to disperse the crowd. There is no damage to your building, but police barricade the area, which prohibits access to your ice cream shop for a day while they investigate the incident.

Business Income Bonus

Unlike other insurance providers in which coverage doesn’t start until after a 72-hour waiting period, Society Insurance coverage begins immediately and will apply for up to four consecutive weeks. Learn more in this video.

Civil authority coverage is automatically included in Society’s standard businessowners policies. To learn more about this important coverage and other small details that make a big difference, contact your local Society agent.