Emails are a convenient way to communicate, but sometimes email exchanges take place too quickly and can leave you second-guessing your message. Even worse, your message may be misinterpreted. The key is to make sure you are communicating effectively and professionally via email.

Follow these 6 email etiquette tips:

Leave the ‘LOL’ for your cell

Many of us use emojis and abbreviations when texting, but these shortcuts should stay in our personal lives. Professional emails are held to a higher standard. Even though you may be ROTFL, doesn’t mean you need to write that in an email to your boss.

Business email etiquetteDouble-check

Double-check your spelling and grammar before clicking send. Do you have full sentences with complete thoughts? Are your attachments actually attached? Did you double check your dates for accuracy; is Tuesday, the fourth, actually on a Tuesday?

Keep it clear and concise

Try not to ramble on in emails. Emails are an effective way to pass a message along, but should not take fifteen minutes to read. If you find yourself typing paragraph after paragraph, it may be time to pick up the phone or meet face-to-face to discuss the matter.

Title with an appropriate subject line

Don’t leave recipients confused by an unrelated title. Make sure that your email subject line is appropriate based on the content of your message.

Use a professional font

Although the yellow cursive writing may look cool to you, it will be difficult for the recipient to read and can distract from your email message.

Respond promptly

When your inbox is flooded with messages, timely responses can be challenging – but it is important. Try to stay on top of your emails and respond promptly. You can also stay organized by taking advantage of email features like flagging messages for follow-up.

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