Attracting and Maintaining a Modern Workforce

More than ever, businesses are realizing that in order to appeal to a modern workforce they need to understand what appeals to a younger generation. Creating a business environment that gives off an energetic and positive atmosphere is certainly a step in the right direction, but what else should businesses do to attract and maintain a modern workforce?

Upgrading Your Business for a Modern Workforce

Making changes to your business’ culture to make it more enticing for the next generation of employees is crucial to attracting and maintaining a modern workforce. The keyword to keep in mind is accommodation. More and more employees are attracted to companies and positions that are willing to accommodate a better work/life balance so that they feel their wellbeing is valued. Many companies have already begun implementing these quality-of-life upgrades with great results:


Workplace flexibility means employees are given opportunities to do their jobs in a way that suits their lifestyle and responsibilities. Flexibility as a concept is, well, flexible! It could mean anything from implementing flexible hours, encouraging time off, or allowing a work-from-home policy, to having fun downtime activities and furthering new learning opportunities. The bottom line is that you should create an environment that allows employees to feel they have more control in where, when, and how they work. 

Flexible work is important for organizations in not only attracting new talent, but also retaining talent. It offers many benefits including reduced stress, improved productivity  and higher job satisfaction. Additionally, flexibility has quickly evolved from a workplace luxury to an expectation

Make the Workplace Enjoyable

Making work more fun is another way to increase productivity and retention. Too many people get burned out on a regular 40+ hour work week routine when coming into work feels like a chore. But it shouldn’t feel this way!. It is important to keep the workplace lively and fulfilling in more ways in order to keep employees motivated and refreshed.  

Here are some ideas to make the workplace more exciting:

  • Team bonding. Encourage friendships between employees.  You can do this by setting up optional outings for employees to socialize outside of the office.  
  • Food. Nothing brings people together for relaxation like a good meal. Whether it’s a midday snack or a catered lunch, providing food is a great way for teams to bond and unwind for a bit.
  • Creative perks. Having perks such as happy hours, prepared snacks, games and exercise outlets will not only make the office more fun, it will help employees feel more valued. These are just some examples — feel free to get creative with your perks! 

Career Development is More Important Than Ever

Career development is one of the most attractive aspects of a job to younger generations. They want to know that there are fresh opportunities for growth; that even if no position exists above them, they’ll be able to pave their own path. If they feel that they are in a dead-end job, chances are they won’t stick around for long.

Keep in mind that the interview process is a two-way street. The company is trying to learn as much as possible about the candidate, while the candidate tries to learn about the company. The flow of information goes both ways.  When you’re hiring for a position, lay out a defined potential career path that has some wiggle room. Not every path is right for every candidate. If an employee winds up wanting to make a lateral move within your organization, that’s fine. Perhaps while they’re on the job, they’ll find that they enjoy unexpected aspects of it and want to pursue them further, which is also fine. The bottom line is that you show appreciation for their talent and are dedicated to nurturing it further in the direction they desire.  

Read, “Finding Employees; 5 Interview Questions for Millenials and Gen Z.”

How To Retain a Modern Workforce

It’s all well and good to attract a modern workforce, but once you have the talent, how do you keep it? Retaining a modern workforce can be a bit tricky this day and age, but paying attention to these crucial aspects will put you on the right path:

  • Compensation. It goes without saying money is important when staying at a job long term.  Consider raises for cost-of-living increases and positive performance but also think about unique incentives or reimbursements. Compensation isn’t just limited to salary. 
  • Reachability. Transparency and communication from the top down is crucial in maintaining a good working relationship with employees. When staff feel more involved and in-the-know about strategic decisions, they feel like they are being included in where the company as a whole is headed and can better anticipate impending changes.
  • Benefits. Benefits tie in with compensation, but again, these are not limited to just health insurance or life insurance. Benefits can include anything from a 401k, and vacation time to  health club memberships and more. Brainstorm on what you think your employees would value most — send out a company-wide survey if you have to — and get creative with the feedback you receive!

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