Over the weekend my wife and I visited the Apostle Islands ice caves. This especially cold winter has produced more navigable ice on Lake Superior, which provides a rare opportunity to experience these natural masterpieces up close.

There must have been several thousand people walking back and forth; and, it kind of reminded me of a caravan of ants who found something really sweet to eat.  As one of those ants, it was a real treat and well worth the effort to see!

ApostleIslands13    ApostleIslands1

Word of this unique spectacle in Northern Wisconsin is getting out – and even receiving national attention, as I saw a story during the Olympics last night. We happened to be there when the cameras were rolling. Although we didn’t end up in the final cut, I recognized several of the people in the story as people we ran into.

The huge boost to the local economy in the Bayfield and Ashland areas was evident as well. Folks are coming from all over the globe to see it.  I expect many small business owners are busy tending to the needs of visitors at their restaurants, taverns, and hotels – no doubt enjoying this flurry of activity during their off-season.

ApostleIslands3    ApostleIslands4

ApostleIslands5    ApostleIslands7

ApostleIslands6    ApostleIslands8

ApostleIslands9    ApostleIslands10

ApostleIslands11    ApostleIslands2

ApostleIslands12    ApostleIslands14

Very cool – in more ways than one!

Have you visited these ice caves, or are you planning to make a trip before the thaw?

-Mike Zajicek