6 Tips for Employee Team Building

A strong sense of teamwork among your employees is crucial to successful operations, longevity, and seamless new employee onboarding. It’s equally important to recognize employee contributions and provide the necessary time for cross functional team bonding to avoid communication silos. Failing to deliver on these items can be detrimental to employee team building and morale.

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6 Tips for Employee Team Building & Increased Employee Engagement

1. Briefly Assess Your Employees’ Level of Team Work
Determine what level of teamwork is required from your employees. Benchmark employee performance so your efforts can be measured.

2. Ask for Employee Feedback
According to Slack, different age groups view good team collaboration differently and they each could have vastly different life experiences. Make sure you’re gathering input from all your employees. You could ask for requests via email or put out a secure box in the break room for employees to place their ideas in.

3. Organize Activities & Sessions
Once you have a good sense of your employees’ views and preferences, select activities that best align with your team and organizational goals.

Team Building Activity Resources

4. Bring in a Pro to Facilitate
There are numerous, excellent professional work development experts who can provide engaging presentations and activities for your employees. Sometimes hearing personal growth and teams building advice from an outside source, other than your boss, can make a world of difference.

5. Take Things Out of the Office
A change if venue can minimize distractions and make your employees feel focused on and cared for. Consider having your next meeting outside the walls of your organization. This team building tactic can help employees feel like they are getting a “break” from work and facilitate a more comfortable environment that promotes sharing.

6. Incentivize Participation
Implement a recognition app like Bonusly. Or provide an anonymous survey application for an ongoing pulse on employee team building activities that truly resonate with your employees and reflect the time we’re in.

Employee team building activities are a great way to build camaraderie, increase productivity and promote company identity. By focusing on creating shared memories and finding common ground—it’s sure to make a big difference in employee morale.

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