Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and, wait—is this covered by business liability insurance? If you have to think twice about your liability insurance coverage, it might be time to call an agent. Halloween is often a time where business owners contemplate their coverage as many liability insurance claims are related to injuries and accidents. Don’t let the thought of financial risk and loss of assets scare you into shunning trick-or-treaters or party-goers from your property this Halloween.

Here are three frightening liability insurance claims to avoid:

1.Intoxicated Patrons

The rewards are great in the bar business, yet the risks are many. If you’re hosting a Halloween soiree, there are a variety of laws and regulations that might impact your business in relation to service of alcoholic beverages. One such law is the DRAM Shop Act that may allow third parties or others to recover for damages caused by alleged overservice of alcohol. In addition, some states allow for the criminal prosecution of the servers in cases where the alleged alcohol overservice caused damage to property or injury to people. While it is understood that all services provided to the public carry some risk, establishments serving alcohol can be especially vulnerable. Proper staff, service, and security controls along with comprehensive bar and tavern insurance coverage can help. Read about four strategies for dealing with intoxicated patrons.

2.Kitchen Fires

Your cooking equipment is one of the most important things inside your restaurant. Poorly maintained equipment could result in a kitchen fire and put you out of service for days, or even weeks. Maintain a regular equipment cleaning schedule and thoroughly clean: vent hoods, ducts, grease filters, fryers and floors around the kitchen equipment. Download Society’s cooking equipment maintenance checklist for your restaurant or kitchen.

3.Slip and Fall Accidents

Society’s number one source of loss for our Workers Compensation and General Liability customers are from slip and fall accidents. Completing a floor audit and developing a plan to improve floor traction will help to prevent costly customer and employee slip and fall accident claims.

Slip and fall accidents can be caused by:

  • Unshoveled walkways
  • Not salting walkways or parking lots
  • Using the wrong cleaning chemical on floors
  • Using too much cleaning chemical on floors
  • Using dirty or greasy mops to clean floors
  • Floor cleaning machines that are not working properly

Read more about slip and fall claims from a liability perspective.

You can’t afford to lose business assets because of inadequate prevention and planning — it’s a financially hazardous game that could haunt you well after Halloween is over. Contact an agent to review your insurance coverage and protect your future with education and staff training aimed at minimizing risky practices.

Our extensive risk management library is an excellent resource for strengthening loss prevention efforts and providing sustainable real-world solutions for your business. Get all the details on how Society can help keep your business healthy by contacting a Society agent today.