At Society Insurance, we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise to educate on a variety of topics.

The most popular blog topics of 2018 included…

  1. 10 Safety Tips for Working in the Heat
  2. Controlling Kitchen Electrical Hazards
  3. A Slippery Situation: Cleaning Restaurant Floors
  4. Wet Floor Signs: Tips & Regulations
  5. Aftermath of an Auto Accident: Repair vs. Loss
  6. The Dangers of Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreements
  7. 24 Tips for Delivery Driver Safety
  8. Basic Cooking Equipment Maintenance Requirements
  9. 8 Meat Slicer Safety Tips
  10. 6 Construction Job Site Safety Tips

Plus a few favorites from our team…

  1. Prevent Spontaneous Combustion of Rags from Threatening Your Restaurant
  2. An Easy 4-Step Process to Fire Extinguishers
  3. Walk Safely on Ice (Like a Penguin)
  4. Trash Talk 101: Actionable Tips for Taking Out the Trash
  5. Our Series on Working in the Heat

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